Hello Friends,

I wanted to start this edition of “Jake’s Corner” by thanking you all again for your understanding and patience over the past few months.

In our last email, I mentioned the delays that we and other outdoor structure retailers were facing as a result of a slowdown in supply and an increase in demand related to the ongoing pandemic. Wait times on custom orders have started to come down and we are beginning to restock our lot with new sheds, garages and decorative outdoor structures.

I am happy to report that plans for expanding our outdoor lot are underway which should include the addition of some larger display model structures that were previously too big to showcase. There is still a lot of planning and building to be done, but we hope that the expansion will be completed by spring 2021.

Tips and Tricks

Jake’s Corner is traditionally about practical advice to help you out around your home. In the spirit of the “Fall For Your Home” campaign that we introduced above I wanted to pass on a few ideas on how to freshen up your living space.

Move Things Around
Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective, rearranging your furniture is a great way to get a new take on a stale space. Sometimes replacing just one old or bulky furniture item can free up the space and create opportunities for a new layout.

Lighten Up
Adding some new lighting elements can really change your outlook on a particular room. Changing a lighting fixture or ceiling fan is surprisingly easy to do, just be sure to be safe and remember to turn off the power at the breaker when working with electrical wires. Mirrors can also play a role here, adding more natural light to a space and making a room seem more open and inviting.

The Wonderful World of Wallpaper
Did you know that there have been advances in wallpaper? New wallpaper is incredible compared to the old stuff. You just peel and stick and it is easily removable. There are tons of great patterns and styles for creating a pop of color on an accent wall or transforming a room without painting or damaging the room. Have some old wallpaper that you don’t want to go through all of the trouble to remove? Consider covering it up as a quick solution to an old nagging problem.

A Can of Paint Goes A Long Way
Feeling adventurous? Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room in your home. While some would rather call in the professionals, a small room can be tackled with ease for those with some time for a do-it-yourself project. If this is your first time, be sure to cover the floor and furniture with drop cloths or painters plastic before you start and use painters tape to keep drips off of the molding and edges of the ceiling.

Handles, Candles and Window Dressings
Last but not least, a few quick touch ups and additions that can go a long way. In your kitchen, consider swapping out drawer and cabinet pulls and handles to create a fresh feel in an hour or two. Adding candles and other accessories can help you update your home for the season; plus candles smell nice, did someone say pumpkin spice? Finally, consider adding some new blinds, curtains or shades to get a new look in next to no time.


Jake King
Owner – J&L Amish Depot